Need Help From the Get-Go

Main problems so far:

  1. cannot find the rocktopus
  2. cannot connect to printer

Attempting to set up a barely-used LulzBot Mini using Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6.20 on Windows 10 Home.

My user interface looks nothing like the one pictured in the user manual, and only slightly resembles the one in the video on this website.

The rocktopus did not load; I tried copying and pasting the Rocktopus folder from the flashdrive provided, but that only had 2 versions that were too large…
Couldn’t figure out where it might be on the website…
Somehow a regular rocktopus came up on a menu somewhere–honestly no idea how it got on the screen.

Attempting to follow the video despite the differences in what is on my screen and what there apparently should be, I got as far as “connect” but then there is the error message that it cannot connect.

Thank you.

Try the site.

Click to “sample_prints/calibration” for factory sliced files which looks like its printing at 205C so probably PLA filament.

If that prints correctly, try slicing your own “sample_prints/rocktopus”.

As for Cura, the UI changed some time in the last two years. They re-design Cura for Lulzbot printers. The menus are decipherable if you were familiar with the old Cura… for a newbie, it might be a little more difficult.

If the USB will not connect, try setting the baud setting to 250000. Lulzbot changed from auto to the hardcoded baudrate in the recent firmware.

Ask questions on the forum… someone in the community will chime in.

The baud rate is already at 250000 without me taking action.
Console reads " Attempting to connect to printer with serial COM3 on baud rate 250000"
and then “Can’t connect to printer on COM3”
It’s called COM3 regardless of which USB port I use on my laptop.
I still can’t connect, so how will I ever get up to speed an print PPE to help in this pandemic?
If this is not the forum, what is?
I called customer support, filled out a ticket, and the response I got was “try another computer”. Seems drastic. Any other ideas?
Please and thank you.

You’ll need to make sure COM3 is the USB port. If on a Windows PC, you’ll need to use the Device Manager to identify the COM port when the USB is plugged into the printer.

It shouldn’t always be COM 3. Go into Cura, Configure printer, set it to AUTO