Need help with Taz 6 Rambo wiring harness connections

The Rambo board on my Taz 6 went bad. Unfortunately, my son disconnected a few wires before I could note where they should be connected.

I went to the assembly instructions on the Lulzbot site, but the photo of the Rambo board doesn’t
match my 1.3L board (original). I figured out all but the following:

  1. The 2 connectors from the Rambo to the display. Which cable goes to which port on the display (the website shows 2 completely separate wires. My original board has a semi-joined harness that has 2 identical harness that go to the display. I can’t tell which goes where)
  2. Where does the case fan plug into? Does it go to the Fan 2 connection?
  3. Where does the 2nd extruder yellow and green wire connector go? Does it go to the 2 pin connection to the left of the Heat 0 connector?
  4. Where does the 2nd extruder double orange wire connector go

  1. the 8 pin header goes to the pins where it says Rambo on the board, other half to the 20 pins next to the power in connector and above the thermistor pins

  2. case fan to fan 2 pins

  3. 2nd extruder to 2nd thermistor header (T1)

attached a pic to help you