Need someone help lulzbot taz 4

I need someone help I’m new to the 3D printing world and recently bought my self a lulzbot taz 4 I started off printing pla for 4 days it was running like a dream then my printer shut off had no power I changed the fuse and got it back working but found my heat resistor and thermistor had both blown at the same time I order both parts added them to the printer turned it back on 5 mins later bang power cut fuse blown plus both resistor again I have checked both wires there are no breaks or no chance of them touching anything on the printer what else could be the problem this is meant to be a brand new printer and I’m having these problems early on

A Taz 4 is a 2 year old printer model, that was replaced by the Taz 5. Chances are that’s a used printer unless that’s a typo and you bought a 5. Power supplies do go bad, and based on what you are describing, that would be the first thing I would check and probably replace. There are also 3 fuses on the Rambo board, the large one, and then two tiny grain of rice sized ones. if either one of those is also blown, that would explain some of what you are seeing.

Also check your hotend and make sure someone didn’t install a 12 volt heater core on the 24 volt power system.

There is also a manual power supply voltage switch on some of the Taz power supplies. Make sure that didn’t get switched from 110v to 220v. If it is a Taz 5, call support if you are under warranty.

Thank you for your message it definitely a taz 4 brand new never been used just been sitting in the box for 2 years the little fuse is the one that blow it’s done it 2 times now and also burning out both heat resistor and thermistor

On the power box that plug into the mains what should that be on 110 or 220

Depends on where you live. if you live in the United States it should be on 110.

I’m in England

I “think” the 220v side of the power supply would be compatable with England power sources. Plugging the 110v power supply into an english 230v source is going to blow all the fuses and electronics and may have damaged the power supply. by feeding twice the voltage and amperage into the electronics that it is expecting. You most likely have fried the Rambo printer control board at this point as well.

It’s on 230v I have never changed it

If you are blowing the resistor and the Thermistor you would need to replace the RAMBo also. The thermistor goes to a unprotected input on the micro controller, so blowing it would blow the control board most likely.

If you have re flashed firmware and are trying to use the Hexagon power settings on a Budaschnozzle you will blow the resistor in about 5 minutes of starting to heat up the hot end.

So check to make sure you are running the Taz 4 - Buda firmware and not the Taz 4 - hexagon version.