Need to box up my printer to move, any advice?

Does anyone have any experience in boxing up their TAZ? ( I have a KitTAZ to be precise, but you can assume TAZ4/5).

I am looking to move across the country in the next two months (new job likely, super excited!). I am planning on boxing up my TAZ and putting on a moving truck, Uhaul or maybe professional movers. I might be in temporary housing for 2 months or so, which means my TAZ might be in storage for as much as that time (so sad!). Since mine is a KITTAZ and came unassembled, I dont have a box that would fit the TAZ. I will probably take the Y axis assembly off and store that seperately. I will probably find a good way to keep the x and y axis from being able to slide around.

Does anyone have any tips for me?

Thanks in advance!

Call support and see if they will sell you one of their boxes and a set of the shipping clamps. That or very carefully disassemble the main components and the glass and build your own massive packing box using all of the bubble wrap in a 15 mile radius,

I cant believe I didnt think to contact Lulzbot directly. Will do–good suggestion. Thanks.