Deployable container and table ideas

We are building an Advanced Manufacturing capability within the Marine Corps and the Taz 6 is a huge piece of this. So far we have moved our Taz6 around 13 times using the original box, to include a cross country move and three weeks in the California desert.

So now that the original box is dead, I would like to build a box for the printer that could act as a table in the field and is rugged enough to be moved dozens of times. I am thinking of 1/2" plastic board for the box but I am open to any ideas or designs that you guys have.

I still want to add two external hour meters to the machine as well, but that is another project.

Great idea. I wonder if you could start with an off-the-shelf table and modify from there, at least for a prototype. There are several foldable compact workbenches, like the B&D Workmate as well as others of differing ingenious designs. Maybe take one of those and add hinged drop-down sides and secure mounting points for both in-operation and in-transit modes of the printer. Wheels could make transport easier and safer.

We’ve been considering this system for our trade shows, it combines a pallet and crate that breaks down and converts into tables:

We’ve also used large pelican cases in the past to transport flatpacked TAZ printers.