Taz damaged out the box - help me fix it

First thing, I am looking for assistance to resolve the issues I have listed below.

Upon un-boxing my Taz 5 today I found that the Z-X axis assembly rocked when placed on a flat surface. Closer inspection showed rear, lower left perspex frame bracket was broken

Oh well this is not ideal but I can make a plan for now and just print a replacement. I removed one of the top brackets for a template (the frame for the top of the z axis prevents the rest of the frame moving with this removed).
Someone have a link for me to a printable version or a CAD drawing I can use to machine one?
Hacked together a temporary part out of 2mm abs.

Frame still rocked. I tried loosening a few of the corner brackets, checking the two aluminium extrusions were flush. No luck. The front right foot on the Z-X axis was still 1-2mm off the table.
Should I strip the unit down to bare frame and use an engineering square to correct or is there a better way?

Getting frustrated I decided to continue with adding the Y axis. This prevented most of the rocking but the foot still sits above the table surface.

I then go through the set up and find that the one side of the X axis was ~1mm higher than the other (hoping for an easy fix here to the wobble) but once even, the foot is still in the air

Screw it I want to print something. I follow the leveling procedure then plan to print the bed leveling file on the SD card

I get things up to temperature for ABS and manually extrude some plastic with the head 20mm off the bed to see all is good. Cool, home everything and start the print from the controller on the Taz.
After ~1 perimeter of the print surface I realise that stubby bit of ABS that shipped probably wont be enough and stop the printer by turning it off.

Turn things back on, set temps for ABS, retract the filament that shipped and push the short supplied section in until I get some oozing out. Lock the idler into place and set extrusion to 150mm as per the quick start guide. Click extrude and watch as very quickly the white filament turn to green followed by the hot end coming free of the rest of the extruder :open_mouth:

At this point it was 3 hours after I started so I cleaned off the filament and came home from work to post this :confused:

Can I just push the hot end back in and what did I do wrong to force it out?

So basically any help for the above questions would be great. Ill see what I can work out with the hot end in the morning.
Thanks in advance

PS: One of the supplied plugs was also damaged but luckily not one I needed to use https://i.imgur.com/M0nwhcg.jpg

Take a picture of the damage and the box the unit was shipped in, and contact support@lulzbot.com . A new TAZ is under warranty, and they are always very good about addressing the very rare instances of shipping damage that occur.

In the mean time though, everything should theoretically be square and level still if the bracket is only cracked. If the frame got torqued somehow, it might be off a bit. What everything should look like assembled can be seen here: https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/group/a16b1f2d-5c1f-47fe-a83d-9d68cca5d62c/

I’d check and see if you have one of the Y axis cables clipped between the metal extrusions possibly.

I agree with piercet, take a picture of your box and get in touch with support.

I’ve never dissected a hexagon hotend, but there is a small screw on the back of the heatsink. If you have an opening and no screw, that could be the problem…

When you say the little piece of filament… you mean the one that was inserted in the extruder for shipping? Do you know what material that is? I’d think that would be too short to print anything… Get a spool and don’t worry about wasting filament. You’re going to “waste” much more than that printing supports. :slight_smile:

So it seems the grub screw that hols the heater bock in was missing which explains why it came loose

I have emailed lulzbot support regarding the issues I have too, lets see what the reply is

It is frustrating to get a new toy and then not be able to play with it :confused:

If you go to your local hobby shop, they may have the right cap screw… which looks to be a M2. Not sure of the length… Maybe 3 or 5mm.

More info on the hexagon hotend:

Note the Lulzbot Hexagon hotend is slightly different from the normal Reprapdiscount Hexagon. If looking to purchase a spare, get it from Lulzbot or look for the hexagon hotend marked “AO”. The article is written about the normal hexagon… But the same assembly applies to our hotend. The AO version has a taller heater block and shorter heatsink.

Lulzbot has been in contact and informed me they will make a shipping claim due to the printer arriving damaged and arrange me a replacement unit under warranty

I am sorry I needed to experience it but the customer support is top notch which is a major reason I went for the Taz

So I am much less happy than I was after my last post

After delayed communications over the course of a week Lulzbot provided shipping documents to return the printer via FedEx and this was collected from me on 29 May

FedEx contacted me the same day saying that insufficient details were provided on the shipping documents to process the shipment and lulzbot was contacted to provide the missing information.
Lulzbot shipping manager has been involved since 1 June and I have yet to get the required documents

No replacement printer will be shipped to me until fedex ships the old one. FedEx refuses to ship the old one until they get the correct paperwork. I am caught in the middle and getting frustrated.

After initial encouraging sizes this would be handled well I think the company has dropped the ball