new cura-lulzbot plugins

where did the plugins go , like pause at “Z”

In Cura2, post-processing plugins (like “pause at Z”) are now at “Extensions, Post-Processing, Modify G-Code”.

That will get you to a dialog where you can “Add a script” – and one of the options is “Pause at height”. That will allow you to specify the parameters for where you want to pause.

(Disclaimer – That’s where they are, but I haven’t actually tried any of them on 2.6 yet. Please report back with your experience, good or bad, if you give any of them a try!)

In the previous version of Cura, “pause at Height” allowed you to set the machine to home itself after the pause.

That allowed me to change filaments and not worry about moving the X position, whose motor was powered down. Now I’m unable to do that.

I’m using Cura Lulzbot Edition and I really like it so far - however I can’t seem to find the “pause at Z” height that I used to be able to swap filament colors - it was included in the older version. Is this a plugin I have to download and manually install now?

@AwZam - I may be misunderstanding your question… but did you read the 2nd message in this thread? That tells how to access the included “pause at height” plugin, which should do what you want.

If that doesn’t help, post back with further details.

Access the built-in plugin here: