New hotend in Europe

Is there already any source for the new TAZ hotend upgrade for my TAZ 4.1 in Europe?

Do you mean the hexagon hotend?. It can be purchased at many online stores in Europe. It sells for about 40GBP. The whole extruder from Lulzbot is delivered from USA, afaik.

so can i just upgrade my normal extruder with the hexagon hotend? as far as i see i would at least need to have the small fan plus wiring besides the hotend itself.

Yes, you are right, these parts do not come wit the hexagon kits. The cables can be made easily. But i have been unable to find details about the small fan. Perhaps someone with the kit might tell us something.

We keep our Bill of Materials posted-

Here’s the Mini BOM:

With the Hex hot end cooling fan listed:
(Line 171) EL-FA0020 RFB2008 Micro Blower Pelonis
which when googled, brings you to:

Hope this helps!

Orias, okay, I missed that info. But do they sell single units ? (they ask for a “Quote” which usually means: I dont sell anything less than 100 units).
Cute little fan! :slight_smile: