new printer coming soon

new ‘pro’ taz being released this month… what about the new owners that just purchased the taz6 … it’s already outdated… with all the others 4,5,and now 6…?

Thats what happens when you purchase something. Theres always go to be a newer version coming out after. The printer you were sold still works and does everything it says it would when you purchased it.

It has been nearly two years since Taz 6 was released. Honestly, they are overdue for an update.

I took it back yesterday for a full refund! …sorry I don’t like buying older models unless there is a price slash- super sale …know what I mean

Well you sir are an idiot. Did you lie to get a full refund since your product was used.

i bought the original taz 1 five or so years ago. the taz 2 came out very shortly after (then the 3, the 4 and the 5!!!) after my heated bed went out, lulzbot upgraded my psu and heated bed to 24 v (the taz 1 was 12 v if i remember correctly) and i used it for the next four years with great joy. something new is always replacing older models! i bought a car this winter and the 2019s are already out!!

nope just told them it wasn’t for me the store does not have a ‘open box’ policy, 15-30 days to return so I got all my $$$back…had I purchased it from the company I would be stuck with a two year old model with all the ‘issues’ that I noticed from the beginning… I told them, and the president of the company what needs to be fixed (and the ‘issues’) forum members are having, bed not level 1-2mm off, print head loose, washers ‘tilted’, frame rails not touching the frame, cura 3 issues, all all the other issues members post on this forum (someone should thank me for that!)… seems they must have already been aware of ‘most’ of them, worked on these issues and modified the ‘new’ printer… so why would I want to keep the ‘outdated’ mode,would you?.. and no I’m not an idiot it’s my money not yours to play with…and no I don’t lie!..and don’t be mad at me I have to do what I have to do!..note… my desktop cnc mills have only had one upgrade in 15 yrs and it wasn’t because of lead screws grinding, bed not level, bearings wearing out, software ‘gliches’, and so on…but then again it’s Roland machines high quality stuff with none of the many issues like posted on this forum matter ‘o’ fact no issues with the build … maybe you guys don’t really know what to look for in a build yet…that’s okay wait until they have another ‘new’ model out after you have all been ‘testers’ at your own expense as for me I’ll wait…chow!

nice. you’ve got your money back! you can look forward to buying and being unsatisfied with the new model ! :smiley:

no thanks like I told the store …not for me… I’d rather buy a machine that has been built right to begin with …why are there upgrades? because of the ‘issues’ …seems like each model has they’re issues hence taz 3,4,5,6 and now ‘pro’ …don’t be mad at me or ‘jealous’ because of the fact…just be happy with the old printers or buy the new one makes no diff to me

I have a taz 6 it works perfectly along with my 4 minis and two taz 5’s. The 6 even came as a box of parts and fully apart.

The taz pro is going to likely cost atleast 3500-4000. Ive seen it and would rather have a Taz 6 over it any day for considerably less.


On the bottom of the announcement it lists a May 1st date for the announcement of the Taz 6 replacement (most likely the Taz 7) since the Taz Pro is cool but a big price jump. So I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that one in particular. Although my Taz 5 is still humming along nicely so I really don’t NEED to upgrade…

That’s it! I am returning my 1908 Ford Model T!