new simplify3d use problems

Hello all,

I recently took the plunge and bought simplify3d. I have been having a few issues and wanted to see if anyone here could help. I also posted this on the simplify3d forum as well.

My TAZ 5 has been working with cura without issue since November 2015. Since I have installed simplify3d my machine will sometimes restart mid-print. The LCD will show the boot up screen and the nozzle will stop temporarily. When it boots back up the nozzle will immediately move in a diagonal direction towards the back right corner of the build plate. The first time this happened I watched to see what it would do and it tried to move the nozzle farther than the TAZ will allow it. This resulted in a clicking sound that I stopped by shutting the machine power off on the front of it. This has happened a variety of times and it ruins my print each time.

Has anyone else ever had this problem or heard of it with simplify3d? This does not happen with cura.

The symptoms make me think something in the GCode is crashing the control board. Another option is that the power supply is marginal and the exact pattern of commands is pulling just a little more power, causing a brown-out. I assume you are using the same STL in both applications? S3D works well on my Mini, and I’ve seen posts saying they use it with a Taz5, so I don’t think it’s a general compatibility issue. Perhaps someone with a Taz5 will try printing your GCode? I’d offer if it were a Mini… :slight_smile: Also try updating your printer firmware, it could be a bug that Lulzbot already fixed.

Since the power supply has no ‘code’ control to reset the power supply, I would be inclined to it being a marginal/flaky supply that is failing and needs replaced.

I have been using S3D for over a year now on a Taz 3-4-5-6’s and Mini with no problems so far - besides ‘user’ problems! :laughing:

I emailed simplify3d and they say it is probably the powersupply. I just do not believe that. I don’t understand how cura could print everything without issue and simplify3d crashes the machine.

Power supplies can do funny things. The different pattern of commands could draw just a little more power, causing the issue. I have a computer PSU here that works fine, 90% of the time. The other 10% I get weird random errors from the system. Unless you try to add a hard drive to the system, then it fails to POST. Replacing the PSU, everything works exactly as expected. Unless you swap it out, or happen to have a logging voltmeter so you can watch the supply over time, there’s not really any way to tell. I know the only thing you changed is the software, but that can absolutely cause more power to be demanded by the printer. I honestly think it’s very unlikely that the gcode is causing the control board to reboot.

I have been using s3d for about 6 months on my Taz 5 without any issues.
Could be that you have some sort of configuration problem. (S3d may be giving G code to your machine that is not meant for your particular machine.)

I switch back and forth from Cura to s3d all the time. (There are parts that I made originally in cura and I have no desire to set up the machine all over again, so I use cura.)

You might try printing to the SD card in s3d and running the printer on the SD card. That would tell you if it is a g-code issue or a printer issue, or if it is a problem with your computer.

Bill D.

I sent my g-code and communication log in simplify3d to S3D support team to have them review them and make sure there were no odd commands or problems with the g-code. If that doesn’t work I guess I will call lulzbot support and see what they think.

I have worked in electronics for 40 years and my first guess after reading your post (before reading the replies) was that you have a weak power supply. That being said, if you think it’s the gcode that is super easy to test by trying other objects. Or you could also post the gcode here for us to look at and try.