Taz 6 S3D issues

Hey guys. So got my Taz 6 today and lovin it!

I’ve been tinkering around in S3D a little and basically am at the stage where everything seems to communicate just fine only when it does the final probe on the autolevel the LCD flashes up a quick message saying “Daydreaming” the proceeds to sit and cool to 0 and does nothing.

Same start gcode works great on CURA, so I’m not worried about the printer etc but I’d just love to be able to use her on S3D.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated :smiley:

Check to make sure the bed leveling readings are within a 3-4 tenths of each other or it will fail leveling and stop like that.

they all good - same model and same gcode at start works fine in cura

AAAAAAAAAAAnd i feel really stupid - i messed up some of the code and it was stalling - finally got it. sorry for wating space on the forums lol