Cura rebooting Taz whenever trying to communicate

Hi all,
I’ve been away for quite awhile, but getting back into things. :slight_smile:
I’ve been using Cura for about a week without issue. I’ve probably printed 8-10 things. Yesterday, I went to print and noticed Cura just sitting there doing nothing. I hit print again and this time noticed that Taz rebooted. Every time I try to print, or “connect to printer”, Taz reboots.

I don’t recall changing anything in Cura, but I can’t swear to it. Many late night prints…
Anyway, I thought it was an issue with Cura, until I loaded up Simplify3D. SImplify can communicate just fine. It can print, and I can type gcode directly and have it run. Close Simplify, load Cura. Taz reboots again.
I’ve rebooted the PC and Taz several times. Always the same thing. It works great until I try to use Cura.
Does anybody have any suggestions here? Things to check in Cura, etc? I don’t get the inconsistency.
Cura v3.6.20 (Windows 8.1/64bit)
Marlin version (can’t check atm due to printer in use, but it’s whatever the latest FW was available that Cura installed).

Thank you!