New Store Page - Hard to Navigate

So went to look through the filaments on the site, to find it’s now a pain. It used to be you selected a brand and type, and then within that, the color. This new design where each color has an option to select from the initial page is a headache when trying to use.

For instance, I was just trying to search for specific types of filament, and was having a heck of a time. I couldn’t remember who made it, only knowing it contained carbon fiber in it, and I knew there were other metal type ones too. I found a few, but think I missed some others.

I personally would suggest you not offer a link for each color, it’s just clutter and bloat. Instead allowing us to select the type of filament we want, and then letting us pick the color. Because, sometimes you don’t even care for a color, you just want a type of filament, and any color will do, since you are buying it for the properties. Plus it’s rather silly to then click on the link, and you can change the color on the actual item’s page.

Also, when it came down to reviewing the details of say a filament’s specification, or even, when I was looking at the printer’s details, the info was a mess. It just felt like it was all over the place, not neatly laid out, and I question if all the information is even present (for instance, some of the filaments I was looking at, I am pretty sure require like the HS or HS+, as it was metal based, but it didn’t say it was). Also, and this is just a nice to have, I liked clicking on the photo and having it expand so I could see a larger image of it. I notice that was removed too.

Normally I would scratch this all up as a growing pain, as I have become used to the old layout, but in this case, I truly feel this is a step backwards, and the original works MUCH better.

LulzBot has started to add clickable categories at the top on the filaments page, are there additional categories that you would like to see and is this a step in the right direction?

Problem was, I didn’t know the manufacturer of the plastic, so already, i was at a lost, nor all the material types possible (why I didn’t search).