Lack of Parts for Taz 3,4,5

There seems to be no print beds available for Taz 5 (and others that use the same bed) from either lulzbot or any distributors, etc. Does anyone know if my Taz is about to become a boat anchor? I’m hoping this has something to do with the financial issues and will be corrected shortly, but I’m noticing many parts say they are no longer available.

I’m sure there will be some soon. On the lulzbot facebook group, they posted yesterday about shipping new minis and they have a new call center number now. Maybe @CB-LulzBot can help? Send him a PM (click on the name and there is a “Message” option for private messages)

What part of the bed do you need? A google search shows the new etched bed available. The PEI sheets and borosilicate glass can be found online also.

I was looking for entire bed but i’m needing the silicone heater and pei sheet.

Here are a few from a quick search:

If you need glass, make sure its borosilicate.

Hope that helps.

The 1st link says it a 125V pad. I did not think the taz 5 pad was 125v? I saw the etched beds but my bed is not etched. I assume they are compatible? Any pro’s or Con’s to it being etched? I am confused about how this stacks up. On my machine the pad it attached to the glass and the pei to the other side of the glass. There is no metal sheet or none that I am away of, I have not pulled the heating pad off the glass yet.

there is a general supply problem with made in china stock (I cannot answer if lulzbot uses chinese but almost everybody does)

china closed for the moon festival (new year) and were then hir with covid (coronavirus) and enforced closure plus the moon festival people were now stuck in their hometowns.

the problem is now beginning to ease a little

----- you don’t buy from china? well , because of the shortages, home based (usa) suppliers are buying up the parts from home based manufacturers to bridge the gap… you can’t win!

I have a box of 360w heater pads and glass beds that I got at a LB garage sale. I think they are cosmetic rejects. They may be for taz6 though.

From what I get we are going to have to McGyver just about everything for a while.

I have been told as of Feb/March 2020 by the folks at Lulzbot/FARGO that they (Lulzbot/FARGO) are getting in some supplies for their online store but FARGO who owns Lulzbot now is breaking their behinds to catch up. In the mean time I have been able to replace a RAMBO board from Ultimachine who makes them as well as the LCDs. ITWorks and MatterHackers have been really helpful. I have in the past used different sized screws plus nuts, and clamps to flatten the plate out. It’s possible to find borosilicate glass if you need it and PEI sheets from other sources.

I noted on YouTube that one guy in Spain built a “monster” custom printer (months ago) and was able to order parts. As for China/parts we are all in that boat. Shame we in the US have not learned that outsourcing esp our tech is ultimately bad business.

Anyway what happened to good old US ingenuity?

Open source printers.

So many of the parts are printable and electronics are available online. Machined toolhead parts will need to come from LB or a specialty shop like ITWorks. Just need to do a little research and know that the power to many components on the printer are 24V. The BOMs for the printers were readily available on

Yes but often hard to print your own parts when your printer is broken. If only i had a list of other owners in my area…

On a serious note is was able to find a bed that only needed the PEI replaced. It was a pain but turned out good. If i had to do it again, it probably would not be that big if a deal. For anyone reading this down the road; when removing the glue from the glass, soak a rag in alcohol and let it sit on top for 10 to 15 mins before you start scrapping it off with a razor blade scrapper.

I added a Wham Bam removable magnetic plate to my TAZ months ago and haven’t been happier. The first one I bought had PEI sheet on it until a PETG print refused to let go (so watch that with PEI and PETG) and replaced the top sheet with a PEX cover. Added a second removable plate at the same time.
I know that doesn’t help with your need for a heater, but I would recommend it for your build surface.

There is a new modular heated bed that is fairly new.
Last fall I decided I had better try to order one before the funeral…
The modular bed has two parts - the heated aluminum bed and the build plate.
The build plate is two sided - PEI and Glass (you can flip it over and use either one).
Aleph only had one part. I found the other at Matter Hackers.
I had asked Aleph to notify me when the missing part became available again.
They sent me an email just this past week
I’m not sure if they are still making the old bed, but I rather favor the new one.

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