New thermistor?

Good afternoon,

Is this wire the thermistor that appears to be damaged? This is on the Taz 6.

From the looks of it I have to get a new connector housing, right?

Edit: I just removed the toolhead from the printer and clipped the zip ties on the harness to trace the wires. This wire seems to be attached to Pelonis fan on the side of the extruder. Could this have also contributed to the MAXTEMP error message I received?

Hey, I have a Taz 5 and I think its similar in the way it is harnessed. I had to replace the thermostat for pretty much the same reason, the pin was messed up. I got the same errror message for MAXTEMP, even though I didn’t get it to work, (I messed up one of the connecting wire for the hot end putting it back), here is a video that I put together on how to replace the thermostat.

Thank you for the reply! I will look into this a bit more.

Though I do suspect a thermistor problem here, could the error message also pop up due to a defective fan?

Yes, this will cause an over temp error. The fan blows over the vanes preventing the filament from heating up and melting prematurely. Lulzbot should have complete fans with the pins already attached as a replacement.

Thank you again! I just ordered the parts that I need to replace the harness housing too. The plastic looked like it had tool marks and has deformed the pin housing on the inside. I’ll be updating this post if the fix is the right one!

Thanks for your help!