nGen 1st layer bridge

I’m using a TAZ6 with nGen, and cura lulzbot edition and have so for the past few years, all standard filament setting and I’ve never had any issues. I don’t print that often recently, maybe 2-3 items a month. Sometime in the past month or two and with the latest software update I’m having issue with the first layer after infill, which is typically at 20%. It simply wont bridge at all, even the small gaps of 20% it breaks apart in small bits and then flips up and cools, basically sticking up 1/16" or so and causing the next layer to make a mess and drag the nozzle across this fluff. After the couple layers on the finished top layer i get small bumps all over from this. I just tried this part with brand new filament and same issue. thoughts? I’m all for changing settings but just unsure on what would cause this as I’ve always used the settings provided and quality has been perfect.

Have you checked your fans to make sure they are operating properly? Having good cooling is really important to bridging since without the filament being cooled a bit after extrusion it can’t hold it’s structure over the gap and will droop like what you are seeing.