Lulzbot TAZ 5 .35mm nozzle Slic3r Config for nGen

Poked around and couldn’t find a profile for TAZ 5 .35mm nozzle. And per support, Slic3r isn’t supported. So I started with my .22mm PLA profile and mixed in:

  1. the “medium” TAZ 6 Cura profile[1]
  2. some specs from the colorfabb site for bridging [2]
  3. a .35mm Cura profile from the forum [3] to create a new profile

What I did not do was:

  • modify the filament diameter
  • modify flow rate (I run at 99%)

It’s printing now, so we’ll see if it works out. Printing without any PVE (forgot, shrug), 230C hot end, 85C bed.

Will reply back with how it went. Profile attached

Slic3r_TAZ_5_nGen_medium_config.ini (3.66 KB)

Print turned out fine, though it was small. Takes forever… ugg. I printed without infill. Don’t recommend. For this model it didn’t matter but even with 5 top layers it wasn’t quite right. I removed the skirt before taking the pic. I did the 250mm minimum length. Way too long, I’ll drop it back 3 loops (my PLA default) and maybe add minimum 50mm.

Updated config attached. Can’t remember what infill pattern was, it’s now Rectilinear.
Slic3r_TAZ_5_nGen_medium_config.ini (3.66 KB)