ninjaflex grinding

my prints with the ninja flex are being eaten by the hobbed bolt and I can not figure out why for the life of me I have adjusted the temp and print speeds and have had no different results in any of my prints.

You probably need to include more info. Printer specs, which toolhead, speeds, etc…

I don’t print flex a lot, but I have a flexystruder and do it on occasion. I find speeds above about 40mm/s will cause the filament to strip like you are seeing. If you are using the standard extruder, that’s the problem. It can’t do flex very well.

I am using a flexystruder v2, my speed is 15 (cura recommended), nozzle heat is 230/bed temp is 0. I can also post pics if that would help

Does it seem to have more trouble on infill or perimeters? Maybe pics would help, and of the filament path near the hobbed bolt on the flexystruder. It could be something there causing a problem.

I have set the infill at 85% at one point with a filament diameter of 3 and a print speed of 10mm/sec. nozzle temp is currently at 230. in regards to the tub in the flexys tub in its body not being aligned correctly I had noticed that it was a bit off I have since fixed it but nothing has really changed. I have also changed the speed of the print on the LCD screen to 82% for my latest print and I will see shortly if that has improved any thing.

I had the same issue. To solve the problem, I replaced the hobbed bolt with one without the sharp edges that chop up the filament.

The replacement is described in another thread: