No Auto level & clean G29 code?? How to load cfg?

Experiencing something similar to this this post I just dropped a simple cube from 123D into cura to experiment with infill & wall thickness. Default medium HIPS settings. How do I load and where do I insert this mysterious g29 code to get mini to auto level and clean? Thanks.

Start by using Quickprint mode. In there, all of the config profiles have auto leveling.

If you go to Expert mode, you need to download and load in cura a profile from here:

It is recommended to use the quickprint settings.



Classic newb mistake. Thanks for the reply. A few things to note coming from a absolute beginner.
When downloading or “save As” profiles on a Mac in Safari the default name will have appear like this
HIPS_medium_mini.ini.webarchive or HIPS_medium_mini.ini.txt.
The file needs to end only with .ini to load in Cura.
For example


I posted this vid below in a software thread too. I’m trying to learn & wrap my head around some of these settings in Cura. Printing a lot of wee cubes and tweaking parameters as I go along. Learn from doing and a lot of help from this community.
Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue: