No Brim and bed not going past 85

I’ve been using my Taz 6 with the nGen filament and loving it. I took the plunge and tried ABS today and am having adhesion problems.

I’ve tied over and over to print a brim, but for some reason it will not print it.

Also, despite confirming in expert settings that the bed is set to 110c, the control panel only shows it going to 85c. Why?

I’m using Cura v 21.08 (Lulzbot edition) with the material set for this ABS (village plastics) and have tried the quickprint high speed and standard profiles, and have tried setting the bed manually by setting it to 0 in the expert settings and using the control panel to set it to 110c. No matter what I seem to do, no brim, bed only goes to 85, and the print lifts.


Well, I shut down Cura and re-opened it, and was able to get the bed to 110 by going into expert settings and setting the bed to 0, then manually setting it to 110c in the control panel before starting the print. That seemed to work, but still no brim despite clicking that box. The print did stick, so the higher temp is probably all I need, but still would like to figure out why the brim isn’t working, and why Cura is only heating the bed to 85c despite a profile that shows the bed setting at 110c?

And another thing… I tried setting the density to 45% (compared to the pre-set 20%) and could see no different in the in-fill cross hatch. Looked identical, so seems like the density isn’t working either. I must not be using the profiles correctly somehow…??

One thing to be sure of on Cura 21.08 is to make all of your changes before opening the control box.

When you open the control box in Cura, it will load the gcode file as sliced, and will not update it if you make changes in the background. If you make updates, close it down and re-open to re-load the gcode file.

If this doesn’t help, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support team at or 1-970-377-1111

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that was a big part of the issue, which I figured out eventually. It was also just not going past 85c for reasons unknown, but rebooting everything seemed to make that go away. Bed is hitting 110c now, per the profile, and the ABS prints are sticking like magic, yippee! Thanks again.