Now power to printer

When I turn my Lulzbot taz 5 on. It does not turn the printer on. The external power box is on but nothing on the printer comes on when I switch to on button the Printer.

Thank You


If your control box switch comes on, but you have a blank LCD screen, you can check the nano fuses on the board.

You can find a diagram of your RAMBo here:

There are 2 5A nano fuses labeled F2 and F3. One fuse controls the logic and the other controls the motors. Try switching the fuses around. If the LCD screen lights up, you’ll need new fuses:

The website is messed up and the company is on shaky ground, but you can give them a call and the should have them in stock.

Otherwise you can try to buy them on another site or locally. Here are the specifications you’ll need: