Nozzle stopping short during levelling/wiping process - Mini

During the wiping process prior to beginning a print, my printer nozzle will stop short of the bed levelling washer and then the wiping pad - by more than a milimeter. It will repeat the process several times until failure when the “wipe nozzle failed” error pops up on cura.

Several fixes i have seen so far involve checking X-axis levelling, which has not solved the problem. I have ensured that my x-axis is level and that the z motors on both sides are tightened securely.

I am running Cura Edition 3.6.20, and just recently upgraded the Mini’s firmware to the latest version (as of 5/10/20). I also ensured to complete the process of reestablishing e-steps and z offset to their original values.

Can anyone explain what might be wrong? What i can do to resolve this?

Is this a Mini 1 or Mini 2?

Are you saying the nozzle lowers itself above the bed level washer without ever actually touching it … and gives up?

Or… does it touch the washer?

The nozzle moves down as if to begin the wiping process, but when it stops to begin the wiping process the nozzle is too far up (+ z) to reach the bed level washers or the wiping pad. It skims both, correctly making the leveling and wiping passes, but the nozzle is too high to make any contact.

Did this happen before you upgraded the firmware?

The Mini 1 has a build volume of 152 x 152 x 158mm (X, Y, & Z)
The Mini 2 has a build volume of 160 x 160 x 180mm (X, Y, & Z)

I’m trying to work out if the wrong firmware and/or start g-code has been loaded.

It sounds like there is no mechanical failure… and it may just be a matter of setup.