Octoprint (Octopi) won't actually start jobs

Anyone having trouble getting complete functionality out of OctoPrint on a Taz 5? I get connectivity, jog control, etc. but I can’t successfully start jobs using it.

I saw this Marlin issue explained: https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/wiki/FAQ#i-cannot-select-files-on-the-printers-sd-card

…but I’m not sure if it applies to the latest taz firmware. I haven’t gone spelunking in the code to find out. Anyone know?


Octoprint is fine controlling my TAZ 5.

Its most likely something with the resulting g-code from the slicer software. Maybe the you have a wait for bed to preheat (M190 S###) or hotend to preheat (M109 S###) command. Open up the g-code file with a text editor… Should be close to the M140 and M104 commands which set the bed and hotend temp respectively.

If the heater PIDs are wrong, especially for the bed, it will never reach temperature and the print will never start.

After you hit print does the LCD say “Bed heating”?