Octoprint Connection Issue


I just set up Octoprint and I am attempting to use it to print from my Lulzbot Taz 6. I believe I have set everything up correctly, but I am having an issue with controlling my printer from Octopi. I use the Auto connect setting and when I click connect my printer screen goes blue and then comes back (like it does when you normally connect through Cura via USB). However, when I attempt to home the printer or move it, it will not move the printer. In addition when I try control the printer manually by using the knob the screen on the printer will not work. Any help fixing my octoprint connection would helpful! Thank you!

I have a TAZ 6 connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B running OctoPi 0.14 / OctoPrint 1.3.9 without any issues.

The Terminal Tab and/or a serial log file (Octoprint Settings, General, Serial Connection, check box at the bottom) can be extremely useful for troubleshooting communication issues.

You might find the OctoPrint Community Forum a better place to ask for help.

Try setting baud rate to 250000. In recent printer firmware its hardcoded…