Odd prints

Long time reader, first time posting.
I have a Kitaz. I’m having overhang print issues on one side of the model only. By that I mean it is regardless of the model shape and size. Here is an example.

The bad quality side is always facing the control box side of the printer. It don’t matter if it’s in the middle of the bed, far right, left, front or rear corner. Also is you can see, in this case the part is pretty small so having the bed not level I don’t think would make that huge of a difference. However I did check the bed and it is level.

The g code to generate it was Cura PLA medium speed configuration. Print temp was 185 degrees with print bed being 60 degress. The fan kicks on at the second layer at 100% if I’m not mistaken.

The other issue is that the layers can easily be peeled apart or broken. I was working with the natural PLA and although I had similar issues with the print quality, the delamination issue did not exist. This is black eSun PLA.


For the layer separation issue I suspect you are printing a tad on the cool side. Bump the extruder temp up 5 degrees and try again. Keep doing this until you get good layer adhesion.

As for the one side having over hang issues, it is because the cooling fan is only on one side of the hotend. You have two options:

  1. Rotate the printed part on the bed 90 degrees. This will allow the cooling fan access to both sets of overhangs.
  2. Put a second cooling fan on the other side of the hot end.


You know that makes perfect sense because it only happens when I use the PLA and the fan.

I’ll try turning the thing 90 degrees and see if that changes anything.