Ongoing post of my 3D Prints with an AO-100

This is an ongoing album of the best 3D prints from my AO-100. Feel free to ask any questions. Larger resolution images can be found on my Google+ profile

The battery holders with “Charged” and “Dead” is bloody genius!

Wow. Impressive.

I think there will be one of those pencil holders in the future once my wife sees it. :sunglasses:

The solder holder is pretty neat as well.

Thanks guys!

You can download all the stl files from my Thingiverse profile.

More info on the battery holders, and how I intended for them to be used can be found here

Wow, these are great. Thanks for uploading all those photos. :slight_smile:


I am working on a redesigned version of the solder holder which I should be able to publish next week sometime!

Do need to make adjustments for things that need exact size?

Say for the battery holder or the gears. Do you need to change setting in Slic3r or re-size the model for correct for close tolerance fits?


For battery holder you can search battery holder on thingiverse and find a customizable version that uses the Makerbot Customizer to adjust the .stl file.