Part I made that lets you print with some flexible materials on a standard extruder

You can read about it here:

Works really well with the newly released Cheetah filament on a Taz 5/6, Mini, Dual Extruder, and FlexyDually.


On my TAZ 5 your part seems to keep the idler bearing from turning. Is this normal?


Thanks for this … it works really well. Love these super simple solutions.

I’ve been experimenting with printing TPU parts, and without this mod, anything faster than 10-12 mm/sec would scrunch the filament. Putting this little piece in place, I’ve been able to increase the speed to 25 mm/sec, no problems. A little bit of stringiness on the prints, but that’s really easy to clean up with TPU.

Thanks for this part, what nozzle diameter do you use to print that ? And what material ?
I tried with PLA and 0.5 nozzle and the part is a little big, I can’t close the idler. I’ll try to under extrude a little bit next time :unamused:

@ KenN, wich way do you clean TPU ?