Taz 4 Won't Print at High Speed

So I’ve just dusted off my printer after moving, hasn’t been used in probably 4 months. I ended up having to get a new power supply because the old one didn’t work when plugged in. But anyways started my first print and noticed that at low speeds (printed first layer very slow) it works fine, but as soon as it starts picking up speed it leaves this clumpy residue and doesn’t seem to be able to extrude in one solid piece at higher speeds. I’ve also noticed that manual extruding doesn’t work, it just makes a sound like it’s extruding and nothing comes out. Not sure if that is related or not. I thought maybe my filament was just brittle but I don’t think that’s the case…

Pla or abs plastic? Also have you checked your idler spring tension? If you open the idler arm chamber does the filament have a regular line of hobbled bolt groves going into the hotend, or do you see little scallops out of the filament?

Also your bed springs may have relaxed over 4 months so your nozzle could now be too close

I’m printing with ABS. It does seem that only one side of the filament in the chamber is getting scratched up and the other side is still smooth. Does that mean it’s too tight? I did have to recalibrate the z axis because it did seem too close but even from a distance the nozzle doesn’t seem to extrude any long length at high speeds. It works perfectly fine at very low speeds though. I’ve tried playing with the extrusion and retraction speeds too. Even when I do a test extrusion hardly anything comes out but I don’t think it’s clogged because I can manually push the filament into the chamber and it extrudes…

There should only be teeth marks on one side, the side touching the hobbled bolt. You are looking to see if those marks look constant. You want about 8mm between the two. Washers on either side of the idler tension springs. Also make sure the idler arm pulley bearing is turning freely.

Checked all of your suggestions, and they all worked. I noticed that if I pushed down on the filament by hand while it was extruding, it came out fine and I realized that tightening the idler arm bolts did the trick! Thanks for all your help. Such a simple solution.

No worries, thats what the forums are here for, to help people print better! glad you got it sorted out.