Part ID for thumbscrews that connect buildplate to frame?

Lost a couple of these thumbscrews while moving, the printer originally comes with 4.

How can I order more? What is the specific size/part number?

From your second picture this looks like a TAZ 6. The TAZ 6 BoM calls these “[HD-BT0231] METRIC, 12.9 SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW, ALLOY STEEL, M5 THREAD, 14MM LENGTH, 0.80MM PITCH w/ METRIC PRESS-FIT PLASTIC THUMB SCREW HEAD KNURLED”. The distributor is “Hardware Speciality” [sic] but there’s no distributor part number.

McMaster-Carr doesn’t have any that meet all those exact specifications. There are a couple plastic-head screws that are within 2 mm of the right length: 12 mm and 16 mm. And there’s a stainless steel one that’s the right length but almost ten times the unit price. Other distributors might have more exact parts.

On one of our TAZ 6 units I measure about 34 mm down that hole to the bottom of the XZ frame aluminum extrusion T slot (the Y frame extrusion alone is 20-mm thick), so the 16-mm screw should work fine.

Sorry for the oversight on my part! You were very astute to figure out that, yes, this is a TAZ 6.

Thank you for your help!

Black aluminum extrusions eliminated AO-100/AO-101 and Mini 1/2. The bed-leveling washer eliminated TAZ 1-5. Lack of cable chains, cable clips, motor chassis ground wire, and thumb screw leash eliminated TAZ Pro and Workhorse. :slight_smile:

Glad to help.

Ended up going with the 14mm thumbscrews. Part #92545A175 from McMaster Carr.

New thumbscrew on the right, old one on the left.