Help: Taz 6 Thumb Screws

Hello folks

I recently moved about 500 miles and brought my Taz 6 with me in my tiny car, and during the move I managed to misplace the thumbscrews that connect the X (or Y, not sure on the exact nomeclature) axis assembly to the rest of the printer. I can’t seem to find any information on these four screws online, but I’m sure they’re probably off-the-shelf parts, and I can order replacements fairly easily if I just knew the dimensions or the part numbers. Does anyone know where I could find replacements for these screws? If not, perhaps someone with a taz 6 could take some measurements of the screws used and I could go find a suitable replacement part. It seems so silly to have 99% of a printer sitting here useless because I’m missing 4 screws. Thanks

Those are m5 bolts with thumbscrew caps. Either 10 or 12mm I think. You may be able to find them locally at home repair stores like home depot or lowes. Mcmaster carr has them online i usually get the press fit tops and make them myself.