pass lines and inconsistent layer levels

I have been doing some prints with large flat panels on them, and always get some inconsistent levels where the surface has a hole or boss, and always get pass lines showing through. This is a Taz 6 using cura. Happens with ABS as well as PLA. These show up on sublayers too, which show through the final layer, making for a pretty sloppy looking surface.

For the pass lines, Is there a z-hop setting i am missing or something?
For the levels/layers, is there something i can try for layer height, or line thickness? Currently using a .5 nozzle. Have switche to a SS micor swiss nozzle, but the issue has always been there.
Thanks all,

Looks like the pic didn’t come through, not sure what i’m doing wrong. Anyway, I’ll try again. Pass lines are circled in blue, levels are circled in red.

Looks like over-extrusion. If you look at the pass-line, it shows the direction the nozzle is dragging across the piece. Try adjusting flowrate / multiplier by 2-5%.

Not sure about the layer level issue… it could also be related to over-extrusion.

Check out Z hop over printed parts in the travel section, but it will add a lot to the printing time. <- pass lines

Well, I can’t tell if this was an improvement. Slowed the flow down to 95% partway through this print. I think the skins are a little smoother, but still seeing the jacked up patterns near the holes. I added a thin layer at the top just to avoid having the top layer interrupted by holes; it came out well, but i still want to improve. I’ll try the z-hop setting next.

Thanks all,