Permatex as Bed Adhesive?

Quick Q to the crowd.

I have some Permatex Hi temp gasket RTV silicone.
Any chance this is a good material for gluing a silicone heater to my glass bed?

Well, for starters, I don’t think you wnt to actually glue it to the glass bed, since you want that bit to be removable. You glue the heater part to the aluminum support bed that the glass sits on top of. Usually they come adhesive backed. RTV would probably work, you want to minimize the amount of mass you add to the Y axis since it moves, so some sort of high temperature spray adhesive might be a lighter weight alternative.

Ah… I was wondering why it included the silicone in the BOM… this was the only thing I could fathom. Though theirs requests Locktite.

I guess I should explain. Im building a taz 2.0+ from the ground up. Ive gotten it most of the way. Honestly just making sure everything is angled correctly and hooking it all up is the last step before trying to calibrate the board. But its all from the BOM, the stls and just the knowledge i have from building some other printers. However I was not sure how the silicone bed setup was supposed to work. Didnt see any video tutorial series at the time…

So, i have the aluminum plate from Lulzbot for my axis. then the little stubs to hold up the bed, then a sandwich of Glass -> Aluminum Spreader Plate ->Silicone Heater?

I have a Taz 2 from Lulzbot. The heater mat is bonded to the glass. That assembly is mounted above the AL plate by the adjustable corner clamps.

Hmm. Ok, that’s just wierd. not having the glass plate easily removable would be a pain in the ass for replacing the print surface, etc. Every other silicon heater variant I have seen attaches the heater to the platform, not the glass, but if thats the way they do it, then I stand corrected.

Thanks nopick!

I think that may have to do for now, its only a 12v 20a heater.