Reattaching glass thermistor to bed

So, we removed the 100k Honeywell Thermistor on our Taz 5 bed and now can’t find a good adhesive to reattach it to the silicon mat. We tried e6000 which did not work, it never seemed to cure on the silicon mat. I searched the forums and have not found anything that addresses this issue. Before I commit to buying a new bed I want to see if you all have suggestions or experience with this issue. Thanks!

Hmm… I won’t ask why you removed the thermistor… :slight_smile:

Maybe a high temp RTV silicone or this can re-attach? Not sure if either will stick to silicone…

Actually… this is advertised to stick silcone to silicone:

Wasn’t me that removed the thermistor :laughing:

Right now I’m running with duct tape as a band-aid solution until I buy some proper adhesive. I’m going to try out the Permatex stuff later this week. Thanks!

RTV Black gasket maker is what I use to use to re-attach heat beds to bare glass plates, so it will probably work also. Will look UGLY but will probably work just fine.

Hello everyone

I had to remove the thermistor because it burned, I replaced it with a new one from the same brand (100k Honeywell Thermistor), after connecting the heat bed again, the printer does not detect the temperature of the bed.

Also buy a new heat bed, but the same thing happens, when I connect it, does not detect it, it does not heat up.

Any idea what might be happening?


You might check the bed cable connectors on the back of the control box and make sure they are not burnt.