Pet-g with Cura LE

I was looking to print some Pet-G material because it has a far smaller shrinkage factor, but discovered the material is completely different. The Cura LE 3.6.20 does not have any profiles at all for this material and most of the topics involving Peg-G are two years old. My printer, a Taz 5, has been mostly load and forget for the settings so I haven’t done much with it.

Does anyone have some settings values for the Material and Profile for the current version of Cura?

Thanks in advance.

I’m using the Cura LE profile for IC3D brand PETG. I have a TAZ Workhorse (not a TAZ 5) so my profile settings are likely different. Do you have an IC3D PETG profile for the TAZ 5?

There are no profiles at all for Petg.

Print speed should be around 30-40mm/sec (slower on first layer … assume 1/2 of the normal print speed and Cura LE will let you slowly build up speed over the first few layers).

PETG does best with very low fan speeds … around 10-15% (don’t use any fan on 1st layer and only weak fan speeds on subsequent layers). It will appear very glossy if you don’t use any fan at all … but if it’s a small model and the layers build before the previous layer had a chance to cool then that can be a problem. Using fan will give it a matte finish. Using no fan will give it a gloss finish.

Use a temperature tower to determine the ideal print temp for your extruder/nozzle. For the Workhorse it (which uses an AeroStruder with a hardened steel nozzle – not brass – it tends to be around 250 to as much as 260. If you have a brass nozzle it will likely be a bit cooler.

Do you have a profile for Taulman T-Glas filament? That’s a very good place to start for PET-G – in fact on my Mini and Taz-6, I don’t even tweak anything – the same profile works very nicely for both T-Glas and eSun PET-G…