eSun petg issues

Hi Folks,
Using a Taz3 with the the .35 budaschnozzle and attempting to pring the esun petg white. My settings are 235 and 80 for bed, i’ve also attached a couple of images showing the quality of the print and my simplify3d settings.

Would certainly appreciate any suggestions, this material is challenging to dial in.

Thank you.

Bump for some advice.

Thanks in advance!

Try hotter. I print the eSun PETG at 250 - 255C. At 240 it seemed to stop flowing after a while. Also, white pigmented filament of any type has always been a bit more finicky for me.

You didn’t post the cooling tab… You’ll want a lot of fan for overhangs and bridging with PETG. And fairly dense infill, or medium infill with a lot of top layers (I typically go with 30-40% and 5 top layers) – too sparse infill and/or not enough top layers and you’ll get pillowing.

I have my fan set for 0 on layers 1-2, 30% on layer three. Under “Fan Overrides”, I have it set for “Increase fan speed for layers below 20 seconds” with “Maximum cooling fan speed 65%” and “Bridging override” of 90%.

The downside with lots of fan is layer bonding may suffer. Not important for decorative parts, but if strength is needed then bring down the fan speeds and increase extrusion temp, just realize overhangs will suffer.