Trying to find ESUN PETG profile for CURA on TAZ5

Does anyone have the profile setting link for PETG on a TAZ 5? I looked here but didn’t find anything.



I start with the HIPS profile and adjust from there.

Ill give it a try. Any adjustments that are obvious to you that you had to make?


I rarely use Cura but, in general, I have had great luck using PLA slicing settings. I only changed the bed and hotend temps and slowed down the print speed a little. I think I ran at 240 and 100 for the temps. I was printing esun orange PETG.

I tend to turn the fan off except for small parts, The fan can cause thermal distortion issues (like the corners lifting) on larger (100mm x 60mm) parts. I also find that different filaments like different nozzle temps.

Here are my PETG settings. They tend to work well for my environment. You are welcome to try them…

Rename the file from .txt to .ini.
PETG_medium-quality_TAZ_single-extruder_0.5noz_cura - Copy.txt (11.2 KB)

I will give yours a try Peter. Thanks.

I have been tweaking these settings for a weighted mix of speed (25%) and quality (75%) for a while. I think it works well. I’d be interested to know what you think.
PETG Esun update thinner no support.ini (11.2 KB)

Ill try it today Duncan. Thanks a lot.


What temps do you usually run with using PETG Duncan?


Here is a sample print using your profile Duncan. It looks better in person than in the photo. I am not sure I am using PETG correctly. I really have been enjoying the smooth finish of nGen lately and it seems because of the translucence of this material that it is very liney looking. I think maybe certain types of print jobs work better than others for PETG. The finish is very cool but you do see the filament lines a lot as well.

245 C most of the time.

That looks like the finish I get from mine! Glad to see it’s generalizable. Structurally the part should be tough and look pretty good. The lines are a detraction and the matte finish of a well worn bed on the bottom dulls the reflectivity relative to the walls - therefore more noticeable.

I have experimented with XTC 3D to give it a coated glass look. It hasn’t worked that well with the epoxy slipping between layers ending up with a VERY unattractive finish on Esun PETG. Even multiple coats and I got areas where it would not adhere despite sanding. If anyone has any better epoxies to coat with for glass finish please let me know.

I’ve used the above profiles to successfully print ESUN opaque white PETG on my TAZ 5. I used glue stick to get adhesion and release as per manual.

I do have one question, what do you use to clean the glue stick off the PEI surface if you want to go back to printing ABS?

Most glue sticks are water soluble - simply use a wet paper towel. On a side note, I have not used the glue stick with PETG - what’s the consensus on that?