PETG Dishwasher Safe?

Anyone know if PETG is dishwasher safe?


no 3d printed plastic is dishwasher safe or food safe for reuse by extension. The extrusion process leaves tiny microscopic voids throughout the surface of the part that will, unless treated with a coating or in the case of ABS an acetone wash, eventually collect food particles which will rot and turn into botulism toxin pockets. Using 3d printed parts with dry foods. like cookie cutters, etc. is about as close to food usable as you ever want to get and even then you should think about it a bit before you try it.

And it will deform due to the heat, i tried it.

Nice to know. :smiley:

Like most things 3D printer related, it depends. If, by dishwasher safe, you mean, will it survive the wash cycle… I have ran an esun petg part through my dishwasher a couple times on the top rack. It did not warp. Looks like Sebastian had one warp. Maybe he used different plastic or a different color or used a hotter wash cycle or put it on the bottom rack. There are many variables. You have to experiment and research to see if there is something out there that meets your need.

Well i need to print a wheel for the bottom rack of my washer, what kind of filament can I use?

In that case I would give it a try. Given the choice I would go with the highest melting temperature filament such as polycarbonate that your printer can handle. PetG however may suffice. Here’s some filaments and their recommended printing temperatures.