Food Use?


Are there any filaments that work with a Taz 5 that could be used to print, say, a jello mold or spoon?

I’m only four days into owning a 3D Printer, my research hasn’t turned much up other than avoiding plastics with BPA, which I’m not even sure how to find out if a filament has.

Might be new to the printing, but not new to forums, so here’s my research so far:

One user pointed to a “food safe” PLA, but since they used quotes, but didn’t explain how/why, I’m not sure if it helps.

Another user says PETG is food safe but has quotes on “food”.

Thanks for any tips!

Reprapworld is selling a food safe PETG. I used it once in the past for cookie cutters.

The issue with FFF printing and food safe materials is how it is made. Even though the material may be considered food safe, how it is produced is most likely not.

FFF printing lays down layer upon layer. While this seems like a solid bond, it may be possible to have slight gaps or air pockets between layers. This invites a “home” for bacteria, and is going to cause possible issues for resale.

I was able to find another repap post on it here:,164077,168351

General consensus is you may need to treat your object after printing to help make it food safe. We have not done extensive research in the area, and would be best to contact a local health official about the viability of your plans before proceeding.

Read this:

Then to learn more about PETG:

I’d get a SS nozzle, and take Sebastians advice on a filament advertised to be food safe…

Great, thanks!

Handy site, you can filter by food safe yes or no, exactly what I needed thank you!

awesome info thank you!