PETG glass transition temperature?

I’ve searched all over the net trying to find the glass transition temperature for PETG, which appears to be wonderful stuff. Does anyone here know? Can I store things made from it in a very hot attic?

Depends on the exact alloy. I print mine with 80° bed temperature,I would say it between 70 and 80°. It’s slightly deforming in a dish washer.

What are you talking about? Its extruded at 230 - 250 C and heated print bed should be 80 - 100 C. Some run the bed cooler.

The glass transition temperature is the temperature where the material starts to soften. It’s important to know because you can’t use your parts beyond this temp, and usualy you set the print bed temperature to this.

By The way, i think 100° bed is way too much for petg! It will be quite soft at this point.

I got an answer from their US distributor - glass transition point is 85 C.


Well unless you check your bed temperature you will never know, and your actually not printing on glass so to speak. The TAZ printer beds vary in temperature difference across the bed, use a IR thermometer to check. I find with the PEI material the bed is routinely 10 C under the displayed on the LCD readout. I set mine at 90 - 100 C and never have a problem with PETG.

Can you recommend a reasonably priced IR thermometer that will work well for this? Thanks!


I thought I had answered this? I got mine from Harbor Freight, less than $25 USD there might be others but it looked just like the one I used when doing HVAC work that cost well over $100.