(Picture) Why is this happening?


I am new to 3D Printing, and I have tried googling this issue with descriptive terms but haven’t luck.

What is the term for what is happening here, and why did it happen? I call it a pubic nest, because I’ve been using black color plastic.

EDIT: Forgot the link. http://imgur.com/GBgUmlV


Printing eSun PLA, first print with SD card. Exported model via Slic3r, after following steps in the manual. (I did not use the preset profile, that’s my next step).

This issue happened with a print when I was using Cura too.

Printing on a Taz5.


I tried printing the model again, this time exporting a gcode file from Slic3r using the presets for fine creation given by lulz.

Same thing, way worse.

The technical term for that is “printer Spaghetti” Also acceptable are “Catastrophic print failure” “oops my half of my print stuck to my nozzles” or “Aaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!”

Benchy is a very complicated model to print, and you cannot print it correctly unless your printer is 100% dialed in. In this particular case, you are likely either over or under extruding (I can’t tell from the picture - If it is over extruding the nozzle hit the top of the support pillar and broke a piece off and then couldn’t print to it, If it is underextruding the layer height was lower than expected and the top deck couldn’t attach.) Check your filament diameter settings in Cura and measure against what you actually have with a caliper, adjust as needed. It could also be incorrect temperature (too low, no adhesion between layers, too much fan (cooling the layers too much for good adhesion", or someone keeps sneezing on your prints and knocking the tops off and not telling you about it.

Ok, good to know. I was initially searching for easy models to start with, do you have any recommendations? My perception reading around thingiverse was this model was an easy start.

If you want an easy to print help you dial your printer in model, try a calibration cube first.Once that prints flawlessly, then try benchy.

When I zoom in, it really looks like none of the layers are working that well, you may have an issue with layer 1, which in turn messes up everything. Like others said, start with SUPER simple calibration parts first. Make sure your first layer is spot-on. If you have to, stop the print after it’s done the first layer. Examine and measure. Make sure you get the settings dialed in. Every filament is different. And calibration is KEY. One of the guys here just reposted his guide, and it’s a great guide. Mhackney. Post here https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/a-strategy-for-obtaining-great-prints/1326/1

I see that the corners of the print appear to be curled up a bit. This often happens to me with PLA when it retains too much heat while printing and the layers contract while still malleable.

I suggest trying an extra cooling fan on the part. Just a simple table fan pointing at the part after layer 2 has finished.

Hey guys,

After reading this post i wanted to give Benchy a shot to see where my printer actually stood. Here is what i got

This is even after replacing the nozzle on my mini and flashing some new firmware over.

That is the firmware that i am using. Does anybody have any suggestions?