PLA doesn't stick to Octograb bed

I bought an Octograb modular/magnetic heated bed for my Mini 2 earlier this year, and have loved how easy it is for me to get prints off the bed. I have used it with PLA, ABS, PCMAX, Nylon/ASA and it has worked great for several months (once I dialed in the Z-offset perfectly).

Now, however - for some reason, NOTHING will stick to this surface anymore. I cleaned it with Acetone, IPA, etc. and have tried several bed adhesives - but for whatever reason, this bed just suddenly became a non-stick surface! Has anyone seen this before? Is there anything I can do to get this surface back to where it was originally, or do I just need to buy a new flexible plate every once in a while?

I have heard you can restore a PEI surface a few times with very light wet sanding at 2000 grit. More scuffing than sanding. I have seen the wet mixture discussed as 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol.

I would be interested in a n official LulzBot answer though.

The 2000 grit option works, definitely.

We have a guide for this process using a scuff pad.

For those wondering, I rarely have any problems getting items of the glass bed. You just have to be good with materials and understand where to poke+pry, even when you use glue it’s pretty easy to get prints off of the glass bed.