PLA and Octograb Bed

Hey everyone! I’m Ryan, I’m new here to the community. I have had a Lulzbot Mini 2 now for about a year. It’s been a great machine for me. I decided to do what I thought would be an easy upgrade and switch to the Octograb bed. I am having an issue now though where 9 times out of 10 I cannot get a print to stick to the bed, the few times I have gotten a successful print, I’m getting warping on the corners. I’ve tried adjusting the z-offset closer and farther away with no noticible difference. I’ve deep cleaned the print head. I’ve tried heating the bed to 70c instead of my normal 60c and that doesn’t make a difference either. I normally print with Polymaker Polylite PLA filament. Anybody have any advice? I’m about to switch back to the glass plate, I’d rather struggle getting the print off the bed than not get any prints at all.

I’ve had this problem too.
I’ve had to revert to putting blue tape on the flexible bed. That works

Do you have any examples of the first layer of your prints?

Generally when prints are sticking to your bed, it is usually due to your z-offset not being calibrated correctly.

It may need to be moved down a little bit.

The glass and the flex plate both use the same PEI surface. So there should be no difference in their ability to hold onto prints.