PLA Extrusion Failure with TAZ 5 and FlexyDually

Hi everyone,

I’m new to 3D printing, playing around with a TAZ 5 with a FlexyDually. (Yes, I know, not the best setup for someone who’s new - but I’m figuring it out, slowly!) I’ve been doing some simple test prints, experimenting with Lulzbot’s stock filament profiles and a few different materials. Test prints with ABS and HIPS show some minor issues as far as curling or warping, but at a basic level everything is functioning fine. However, I’m having a persistent issue with PLA when I try to do the same sort of test prints.

When I feed PLA into the extuder, I have no problem pushing it through the nozzle at the recommended temperature (205), so I don’t think the nozzle is clogged. But no matter how I set the tension, after a few successful test extrusions it either stops feeding, or slows to a very slow feed rate. I keep pulling the filament out, cutting the melted/chewed end, clearing the nozzle, and trying again with slightly more or less tension (or slightly lower or higher temperatures), and I end up with the exact same result every time.

I’m giving up for now, and when I have time I think I’ll start my next round of tests by pulling the PLA out and trying another ABS print, just to see if the problem persists with other filaments. But in the meantime, has anyone encountered this? Is there anything I should try when I go back to working with PLA?


  • Dana

Edited to add: I’m using the standard head on the FlexyDually, not the FlexyStruder.

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You’re definitely not the only one with PLA printing issues… Plenty of posts recently. There’s a thread in the TAZ section titled " Troubles all o the sudden". The use Muggs has been having issues as well. Might be worthwhile to compare notes with him.

The one thing different about your situation is the Flexystruder with the budaschnozzle. Everyone else seems to be having issues printing with PLA using the hexagon all metal hotend. Typically problems with heat creep due to the heatsink fan not running…

Not familiar enough with the ceramic hotends to provide advice. Maybe a more experienced user can help… A modification to the title of the post might draw more specialized attention.

Thanks so much for the quick response! I did just updated the subject. I tried again this morning after a thorough cleaning of shavings. I went ahead and tried the “seasoning” suggestion made to Muggs, too. I don’t know if the oil is what fixed it, or if it had more to do with letting everything cool overnight and then cleaning again, but it’s printing happily now. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions over time!