PLA Filament Feed Problem

I have a Sidekick 747 that I have been getting acquainted to over the past couple of weeks. After fixing problems with the X-axis, I got it printing with some very minor cosmetic inconsistencies. After a recent filament change, however, I can get no filament to feed when printing. When I load the filament, it feeds through the print head and I can purge additional filament without any problems. With that being said, I don’t believe that I have a clog. But, when I attempt to print, absolutely no filament feeds out. Any suggestions on what may be happening? Thanks in advance.

Is your z offset off? If the nozzle is right against the bed, it’s not gonna feed, which will strip the filament, so no feeding.

Otherwise, it could be a slicer setting.

Is the extruder motor turning when it tries to print?

Thanks for the reply. I was initially having an issue with the Z-axis and, as a result, was getting poor adhesion to the bed. Once I narrowed the Z- axis, with some trial and error, I found what appears to be the optimal setting. I did increase the distance, just in case and still no filament was feeding out.
Also, all wheels are turning normally during a print job, but no filament is feeding. It does feed quite well during filament load/ purge, which is what is so confusing.
As for a slicer setting, I’m not certain what to check. I will take a look at the user guide to see if it provides any clues. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

If the wheels are turning but there’s no filament coming out then the most likely cause is that the hobbed bolt has ground out a portion of the filament. See for a picture and some suggested solutions.

Are you set for the right filament in the slicer? If you’re loading ABS with the change filament temp set to ABS, it would load fine, but if the slicer is set to PLA while you have ABS loaded, that’s a recipe for stripping filament, and being unable to push it through.

If you can do some good photos/video of what’s working and what isn’t, it would help us diagnose.