SOLVED: plastic oozing out my hot end ABOVE the heater block

Hey everyone, I just assembled my KITTAZ and after 2 long prints totaling about 10 hours of Lulzbot Green 3mm PLA at 185 C, I have a pool of plastic ABOVE the heater block. Its not a very fast ooze, as this is all there was after the two prints.

Here is a picture. What could be going wrong? Isnt this a fire hazard? Most importantly, how should I fix it and will it cost any $$ to fix?

While hot, you can clean the melted PLA off of the heater block with a bunch of Q-tips.

You will then need to disassemble the nozzle per the Instructions on the Lulzbot site (it needs to be warmed up and you’ll need to remember to loosen the set screw), and wrap the threads with PTFE pipe thread tape (same stuff used for plumbing).

Once the Nozzle is cleaned and wrapped with tape and put back together, you need to get a fan blowing on the cooling fins. This is especially important for longer prints.

I mounted a fan on the left size of the Extruder, wired into the 2nd fan mount of the Rambo that is set to come on automatically at 50 deg C.

Haven’t had any PLA oozing since wrapping the threads with PTFE and using the auxiliary fan.


Heres a link with 3 possible fixes and pictures

Thank you everyone for all the help. I had contacted Lulzbot support at the same time I posted this original and they are sending me a replacement which is sealed properly.