PLA prints with a lot of "drops"


I am new to the Lulzbot Mini and I am trying my first PLA prints.

I use the included standard PLA (eSun) profile and high detail profile with MINADAX PLA (2.85mm)

But I do not think the PLA filament is the problem, I think the settings need some improvements.

It looks like a little overextruction to me, I always have a lot of noses and drops on my prints, see the attached pictrues.

Anybody had the same problems? I was wondering about the little retraction, only 10mm/s and 1.5mm is used, I often saw 25mm/sec and 4.5mm?


Do you use Cura or Slic3r? Are you shure the print worked as expected, so there were no stops during the process? At a first look, I would say the printer stoped a short time at the drops…

As for retraction, usualy you want to retract as fast as possible and as little mm as needed. 4,5mm are usual for bowden extruders, 1,5mm is quite OK for the TAZ. You may try 20mm/s, but I don’t think thats related to you big blobs.