PLA Quality Questions

I am brand new to 3D printing. I have plenty of experience in CNC subtractive manufacturing, but this is my first dive into additive. Pretty cool stuff! I am concerned that the settings I am using for my parts aren’t correct though. I’m seeing inclusions on the bottom layer when I peel the parts up. I’d guess I’m getting inclusions in all layers since none of them look very smooth. I’m also seeing “drag” marks across the finished top layer. Photos attached.

Taz 5. Nozzle temp was 110deg, bed was 60deg. All other settings were from the PLA (Village Plastics) profile. Basic dimensions of the part are 90mm diameter x 20mm thick, axle is 10mm tall.

I’m concerned that the PLA I purchased might not be that great, Verbatim was the brand. I figured name brand might be good, perhaps not.

All help is appreciated.


Hmm… could be the filament slipping. Tighten the idler a bit. Could also try increasing the extrusion temp a few degrees to ensure the filament is molten and flowing.

As for the top finish, it could be a bit of overextrusion. If using Cura, decrease the flow % by 3-5%… (97-95%). Alternatively, you can calibrate the e-steps:

To test the accuracy of my extrusion by printing a thumbscrew cap that fits on the M5 socket cap screws found on the machine. I figured socket cap screws are fairly “standard”. :slight_smile: Anyway, the thumbscrew cap is attached… its designed to have tight tolerances for a tight snap on fit, don’t forget to align the hex. Use the flow rate to adjust “fit”.
M5 Thumbcap.SingleColor.v8.stl (285 KB)

Thanks for the pointers. I’ll try them and see how I come out.


I think you meant 210 degrees on the nozzle, right?

I use Verbatim PLA exclusively now, I have had great results with it. I print it at 205C.

I set my first layer height at 0.425mm, and width at 125%. With the bed at 60C, I end up with a perfectly flat surface on the bottom of my prints.

Good catch, I did mean 210degC, not 110degC. I will try those settings.

Thanks for the help.