Trying to make a xmas gift, long print, 8+ hours. about 4 hrs in, checked in on it and noticed the filament had snapped. I’m trying a new filament after having many successful snapless prints using lulz PLA filament. Obviously there can many variables but I’m just wondering what people are using with regards to temps, gcode settings, fil tension etc. Enclosure vs. none enclosure etc. I had my travel speed set pretty fast, maybe this filament is a little more brittle? What has been your experience with different kinds of PLA?? Slower vs. faster speeds?

PLA from
B: 60, then turned off.
infill: 20%
Overal speed: 80mm/s
travel speed:180mm/s

Lol. Zero replies… awesome. lol.

Well, think it was just a matter of tweaking some settings, brought the speeds down a bit, loosened off the tension on the filament, brought the heat down to 185ish. Ran through an all night, 10+ hour print :slight_smile:. Gotta love waking up in the morning with an awesome full blown object sitting on the bed!

So far, from my order from, I’ve tried the white PLA, aside from that snapping issue, after I got things dialed in, it seems to print fairly nicely. Retains a slight shine, which is nice. Fairly easy to sand and good prices for those of us north of the border. I would say their PLA seems a tad “more brittle” than Lulz PLA so getting the settings dialed in is key. But overall, I’d say well worth it. I’ll update when I try more. Thanks.

Don’t buy offbrand PLA? If it’s brittle, chances are they are using fillers that they shouldn’t be.

We’re not always around on our weekends…

Make sure your filament is positioned so that the filament path is clear and can unspool easily. If you are using filament coils, watch the print to catch any tangling issues. Also, it’s not recommended to leave your printer unattended for very long.