Polycarbonate for Taz?

any updates?

when I bought my Taz at the beginning of June I fully expected to be able to print PC as advertised and was a bit miffed to learn the polyschnozzle was not compatible with Taz when I went to purchase the kit.

You can always “make it fit”…don’t let the man tell you it can’t be done…just DIY


it says it is only compatible with the polyschnozzle 1.1, so I suspect that is why it says it is not compatible with the TAZ, since it comes with a 2.0

So just buy a 1.1 and the kit, and swap out the hot end. You might need to do a few more things too, like get a longer screw or make an extension or something for the Z limit switch, since it looks like the tip is MUCH longer, and would hit the bed without this mod.

wow, that looks like a glass busting mod : )

thanks for the idea, I’ll take that possibility into consideration while I practice a bit more patience.

It could be glass-busting…if you do not also mod the Z limit switch, like adding an extension to the screw that activates it.

I suspect that is why it is labeled as not for TAZ.