Taz 5 max hot end temp

I can’t use temps higher than 290. I checked the firmware config.h and it’s set to 305 max temp. But anything I enter more than 290 just gets set at 290, whether from the control panel, or via gcode.

I am trying to print with PC at 300.

Anyone ?

If your temperature is being reset to 290 after starting a print, I would suspect you have a temperature set in your Gcode setting. When the print starts, this will override whatever you have set via pronterface or the LCD screen. Re-slice your file with all temps set to 0, and see how it goes.

You will not be able to set the temp higher than 290 from the LCD screen. We have a set limit of MAXTEMP-15c for heating through the LCD to prevent an overshoot, and throwing a MAXTEMP error.